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Currently we have the most amazing crop of peas, and I am doing my part by munching my way through a fair whack of them. Peas are without a shadow of a doubt one of my absolute favourite green things. Pistachios do well, as does rockets, but peas are so sweet and when freshly picked the best treat. I even enjoy the hours spent shelling them. That is how much I love them. Whenever I make soup nine time out of ten it will be pea. And if there is one thing that is guaranteed to be lurking in our freezer it is a bag of peas. Yep you got it. I love the little green things. And so when I was pondering what to do with next batch of macarons the empty shells from last nights salad caught my eye. What better thing to do with them than make the tiniest green macarons and stuff them into pods in order to look like peas. I know. Its ridiculous the lengths I will go to in order to delay emails, phone calls and all other ghastly to do list items. So here you have them. Procrastination peas in all their glory. I shall now hang my head in shame and contemplate tidying my room before falling into a heap of magazines or losing myself in the dangerous labyrinth that is Pinterest. Oh and the Great British Bake Off returns tonight too. I will in fact never achieve anything. I will make a blueberry cake instead. I might even plan a pea related post that actually uses peas. That will do it. Procrastination pro.DSC_0276DSC_0279DSC_0305DSC_0326DSC_0329


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