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favourites list 2015


Some poached ginger pears and some highlights from 2015:

  • This thing called GBBO. And this very entertaining review of the bakers. Written by an insider surely.
  • Blue Peter. And a SILVER badge!
  • Being described by the Daily Mail as being “pretty in a sturdy way”. You just can’t make that stuff up.
  • Ladz.
  • Wittertainment Bond Special. The dream.
  • Being listed as a chef – I got the giggles when it happened.
  • Also this. An absolute gentleman.
  • My apron.
  • A cringe worthy quote people still say to me on the street.
  • Moving to St Andrews.
  • You and Yours!! Radio 4 guys. I squealed.
  • Possibly the most entertaining man I have met.
  • Recipes in the Scotsman – look out for more next year!
  • Appearing in the Broons. Joe, you can visit with flour anytime!
  • Extra Slice loveliness – including this.
  • The foodie folk I have met.
  • A total honour.
  • This, obvs.
  • Youths eh?
  • all the insta love
  • Hitting 20 – and all the birthday love that came my way.
  • And Christmas.
  • And every single thing I have left of or forgotten. Sorry.
  • Many many more giggles, (BAFTA dinner, all the lovely folk that stop for a natter on the street, food demos, book signings to name but a few) so a mega thanks for all the laughs you lot. Its been a privilege.
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  • Kevin - Hello Flora,

    Wanted to let you know that my wife and I rooted for you all the way from Oklahoma during Bake-Off. Want to wish you and yours a great 2016 and look forward to seeing what you come up with this year!ReplyCancel

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