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avocado toast: a guide


I am well aware of the fact that avocado toast requires no recipe. A shopping list maybe but an actual recipe might be stretching the definition. It is one of the most popular food trends at the moment, is on every brunch menu and graces many an instagram profile – mine being a prime example. A very quick breakie, lunch or snack it is a doddle to knock up and is so interchangeable it is no wonder people aren’t bored of the amazing avocado just yet. As time is not my strong suit currently I thought I would address the phenomenon with a list of my avocado musts. Now fire up the toaster.


AVOCADO TOAST: The Perfect Partners

  1. Lime. The juice to be exact. It prevents your fruit from browning and add a much needed citrus kick to something that on its own is quite creamy.
  2. Chilli. Despite the lovely Danny Baker’s feeling towards this fiery ingredient expressed here, chilli is really very good with avocado. The Mexicans know what their on about.
  3. Roasted Tomatoes. Half cherry or plum tomatoes brush with a little olive oil, crack of black pepper and a sprinkle of salt and roast for 10-20 minutes depending on size at 200C. The result will be a lovely sweet but slightly acidic partner.
  4. Egg. Fried, poached, soft boiled. Endless possibilities to whack on top – all as good as each other.
  5. Spring Onions. Finely sliced and added with a small drizzle of olive oil and black pepper.
  6. Tahini, sesame seeds and sumac. Preferably all three together for a Middle Eastern vibe. Always toast your sesame seeds first though as it changes the flavour completely.
  7. Micro herbs. These have a posh chef reputation but they are very easy to grow at home on the windowsill and add not only flavour but also help with presentation. My favourites are amaranth, mizzen, radish, beetroot and cress.
  8. Sprouts and Seeds. Very similar to above but they add a nice but of crunch. Pumpkin seeds are a winner.
  9. Yoghurt or Labneh (recipe here). Preferably spiked with something such as harissa or a spicy salsa.
  10. Tobasco. My favourite addition and arguably the best companion.

A note on bread – Yes sourdough is having its moment. Yes it fantastically chewy, tangy, holey and all the other things ending in y but I don’t necessarily think it ends there. A very good dark rye bread is a nice healthy alternative and has a wonderful wholesome flavour. Other great options are a lovely seeded loaf, traditional soda bread or even nicely made white bloomer. English muffins and canapé blinis can also bring something new to the table. It is a free for all if I am entirely honest. However I do maintain one rule. If your bread is going to carry avocado it better be toasted, grilled or fried. As long as it sees some form of heat prior to construction I reckon you will always be on to something a wee bit special.

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  • Tim - Avocado Toast, what a great idea.. Great photography too!ReplyCancel

  • Jonathan Jenkins - Hi Flora- you have a very nice website. Just want to mention a couple of points…..

    Lime juice is interesting, but why not lemon juice to reduce browning?

    You get amazing, punchy flavours from freshly-picked herbs; I don’t think they need to be “micro”.

    Your point 10 – “Tobsaco” – is that tabasco?

    best wishes,


  • Ann - Aussie SIL been eating this for long time, discovered it while visiting 8 years ago.ReplyCancel

  • Julia - Hi Flora – I just finished watching GBBO and am a huge fan of yours! I was so excited to see that you have a blog, and a beautiful one at that. Your photography is stunning and I’m having so much fun looking through your recipes. Love all of your ideas for how to spice up avocado toast!

  • Kyle Ross - Hi Flora,

    Hope you’re doing well today!

    I wanted to get in touch about a projecting I’m working on, and which I thought you’d be interested in!

    I’m working with our client, GOOD HEMP, who create tasty and nutritional alternatives to milk, cooking oil and other household products – all from hemp! They are looking for a skilled writer and blogger to collaborate with them to produce amazing content to be hosted on their website and across social media.

    I can see from your blog that you have a great range of recipes and are very enthusiastic about good food. I really enjoyed your post on avo on toast (as it’s a lovely day today and feels like Spring already!) – looks so tasty! 

    So, we think it would be great if you and our client could work together! It’s a great opportunity to write some creative pieces and have them on both your sites. It’ll give you a nice boost in exposure as GOOD HEMP is very well known in the industry.

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and hope to hear back from you soon.


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